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In order to cover your wedding the best we can, We would like you to answer this questionnaire.

Getting Ready 

We recommend starting our service at least 2 hours before the ceremony with the couple getting ready, that way we can capture the whole story of your day. To take
advantage of that time as much as posible, is important that both partners and the entire wedding party are ready to start dressing up by the time we arrive. Because
we will be photographing in the room, we also suggest that you keep your room as clean and organized as possible.
For Brides, schedule your makeup and hairstyle appointment in such a way that you and all of the people who will be getting ready in your room are done and ready to get
dressed when we arrive. This way, we can take more photos with robes, toasts, dressing up and having fun!
If you have any accessories or special details that vou would like us to photograph, please have them on hand and available. A few suagestions: invitation, save the dav
card, shoes, earrings, rings, necklace, letters, special gifts, etc.

After the ceremony

Try to leave enough time between the ceremony and the reception for family pictures and Couple’s romantic session, the more time we have the more photos we can.